New Local History & Makerspace Related Site!

Attention local history fans & makerspace fans!

We have a new SSCL local history and makerspace related site that we’ve just started for you to check out!

The site is called Corning History, found at: and it is a place to share stories and history of the Southeast Steuben County region.

Right now we’ve got some cool mystery local history photos for you to check out!

And there is a listing of the makerspace resources we have that will assist you in creating and preserving your family history in both the online and material worlds! The Makerspace resources include: scanners that will allow you to create digital copies of photos and slides, a comb binder and Cricut machine that you can use to assist you in creating nifty family history albums from scratch; and, A/V recording equipment so you can record the narration of the eldest members of your family to share and preserve for future generations.

And did we mention our simple photography kit that includes a green screen? We’ve got one of those too if anyone is interested in taking photos of family members as they look today – to preserve for the future.

So check out the new site: and feel free to send feedback our way as the spirit moves you, and, drop into our Makerspace, Creation Station, Tuesday afternoons from 104 or Thursday evenings from 5-8.

We may change and/or expand our Creation Station hours in the near future and we’ll loudly proclaim that fact when we do!

And for those of you in the creation mode – visit our Makerspace website found at:

Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL




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