Help from Hannah Anew

20160811_162523If you visit the Southeast Steuben County Library (SSCL) often, then you would likely recognize me. I have filled various positions at the SSCL since 2006. For library users, I have organized materials, shelved materials, checked materials in and out of the building, provided reference services, provided children’s desk services, managed the meeting rooms for a while, and managed overdue and lost items for a couple of years.

Here I am growing into another position, as a digital literacy specialist…

Digital Literacy DefinedWhat does that mean? You get to call upon me, or my fellow digital literacy–and much, much more–staff: Linda, to serve you in moments of exploration, challenge, and learning with regard to digital technology. For example, computers, software, tablets, mobile phones, and e-readers; online job searches, applications, interview preparation and updating your resume. We have all kinds of materials and equipment to explore and utilize at the public library, and I hope to see you here (or during one of our outreach events).

If you’re looking to learn how to use the Cricut, laminator, or binding tools at SSCL, or you’d to chat about photography, video, or SketchUp techniques… contact me!

Southeast Steuben County Library
Digital Literacy Services
(607) 936-3713 Ext. 216 for me, Ext. 212 for Linda, Ext. 502 for the quick & brief.


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