Button-Making Creativity!

Make some time for making things; I think you’ll find it does wonders for your attitude and outlook on life. It has even more of an impact when you do it with others: friends, family, or people you don’t yet know!


As part of my job, I’m tasked with reaching out to under-served areas of our service area. Buttons are a fun way to bring attention and interest and send people home with a little something. The button maker is not available as one of our Creation Station tools–it is exclusively for library programs at this point due to the specialized materials necessary. However, catch us at an event where we have it!


As I write this blog post, I’m set up in Hornby, NY at the town hall, ready for visitors to a Pop-Up Library event–keep a lookout for when I’ll be coming by next. I also expect that someone at the Twin Tiers Mini Makerfaire will have a button-maker you can try your hand at: https://twintiers.makerfaire.com/  Definitely see if you can make it to that event Saturday, April 14th. I expect I’ll post more later about it.


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