What is Bound with a Comb, but is Not Hair?


The Creation Station at our SSCLibrary holds a light duty Fellowes Star 150 for anyone to use (with an initial training). We have a variety of combs (plastic binding bits), the biggest of which is designed for up to 120 page book drafts, reports, notebooks, calendars, etc. If you make a point of training to use this tool at our library, then you may reimburse us for the combs you use, or you may bring your own.

If you aren’t familiar with the comb binding process, here’s the Wikipedia rundown that’s pretty short and sweet:Comb Binding

I find this machine pretty fascinating and useful. It’s like locking and unlocking your pages together with a deterring number of loops, not unlike Velcro. One line of wide Velcro down the spine of your report. As a tangent, you might find the vast assortment of Velcro products to be amusing–it’s not something I would normally tour though, but certainly a unique show of ingenuity: velcro.com.

Bonus: the bound books are simple enough to dismantle without a tool if/when the time combs to reduce/reuse/recycle the draft, report, etcetera.


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