Are You Pinterest-ed?

If you have not visited, then I encourage you to add it to your ever-extending list of login passwords. Here’s why…Pinterest.JPG

This website aggregates a lot of creative information collaboratively by letting people like you and I put links and pictures and ideas up for anyone to be inspired by and check out. I find home improvement ideas, recipes of all sorts, fitness tips, beautiful images of pretty much anything you can think of… Also, it comes highly recommended: 175 million people use Pinterest each month ( I’m not sure exactly how they get that statistic, website visits, active accounts, or what, but it’s impressive!

Here’s how I use Pinterest--I’ve got boards, which are kind of like folders, for many different subjects and I add things by “pinning” them to the “boards.” I haven’t gone back to use them much yet, but it’s a great collaborative idea-collection tool and a fun way to spend some time. Beware, exploring ideas is addictive; I suggest setting a timer! 🙂

My Pinterest.JPG



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