Inspired Concepts

Seek out the inspired concepts in your ideas

Pull on strands that lead you deeper into wonder

Disregard the naysayers

At least until they you feel they have truly seen

Your vision

Is only yours

And your passion

Is what will see that vision through

to fantastic proportions


I thought, “I have a lot of junk mail,

and I wish I could put it to use somehow.

I don’t need to burn it for heat,

20180206_192705 Bagbut I do need a bigger waste paper basket.

Haha. Hmm…

Wouldn’t it be neat if I could make

A waste paper basket out of waste paper.

Paper mache allows me to do that.

I wonder if I could use such a flexible form as a plastic bag–something often not recycled.

The answer is yes

Here’s my reuse of waste paper, paper mached to look like a plastic bag.

I said, “we need a thematic element for the event this year. We need a gigantic thematic gear or cog. It’s got to be at least six feet tall.” and then I designed and built a gear for our library event 6′ in diameter out of hot glue and the fairly standard sized boxes in which our new books arrive.

2018-03-13-09-39-54 Gear

Those are just my ideas; me, Hannah. But I know you’ve got some things bouncing around in your noggin and I’m here to encourage you to explore and draw upon those ideas a little more. I think you’ll find it’s a rewarding endeavor #MakerMentality


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