A little old school recent history of libraries and the evolution of their recent new roles…

Public libraries have always been places where people can go to access information, to acquire knowledge, learn new skills and create traditional projects.

With the dawn of the Computer & Internet Age public libraries expanded their offerings to patrons and became places where anyone could go to use computers and the Internet free and create computer based projects that they could then share with others across the globe.

And the role of creating computer based projects has evolved in the last few years to include yet a new role – that of offering patrons designated places within public libraries where they can go to create computer & 3 D Printer based projects, audio projects, video projects and even more traditional hands on projects including sewing, knitting, crafting, scrapbooking projects.

These new creation places within public libraries are known as Makerspaces.

And the Southeast Steuben County Library’s new Makerspace, which is called the Creation Station, is open for business!



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