Maker Savings

Cassandra created liners for her rat’s cages.
A set of these liners costs $65 each at a store.
She made 2 sets for $13 in materials.
Cassandra saved $117 by using the Creation Station!!!Cassandra_rat cage liners




Save the Date: Sat. April 14th

Join us at the Twin Tiers Mini Makerfaire! Loads of engaging activity await you at the Arnot Mall between 10 AM and 3 PM on Saturday, April 14th. Better yet, pre-register via Eventbrite at this link!

The Southeast Steuben County Library will have multiple things to explore including items made in our Creation Station, a green screen (back by popular demand), and a sampling of outcomes from our beloved programs!

Show your interest on Facebook at this link!

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Simple Crafts to Remember

What crafts do you have ready to go from memory using common supplies?

Here are two things I keep in mind whenever I might need a short craft–they can both be made simply with a sheet of paper:

  1. A small gift box
  2. A magic trick



Note: perfect for jewelry


2) Walk Through Paper Trick 

Note: entertaining for kids

Inspired Concepts

Seek out the inspired concepts in your ideas

Pull on strands that lead you deeper into wonder

Disregard the naysayers

At least until they you feel they have truly seen

Your vision

Is only yours

And your passion

Is what will see that vision through

to fantastic proportions


I thought, “I have a lot of junk mail,

and I wish I could put it to use somehow.

I don’t need to burn it for heat,

20180206_192705 Bagbut I do need a bigger waste paper basket.

Haha. Hmm…

Wouldn’t it be neat if I could make

A waste paper basket out of waste paper.

Paper mache allows me to do that.

I wonder if I could use such a flexible form as a plastic bag–something often not recycled.

The answer is yes

Here’s my reuse of waste paper, paper mached to look like a plastic bag.

I said, “we need a thematic element for the event this year. We need a gigantic thematic gear or cog. It’s got to be at least six feet tall.” and then I designed and built a gear for our library event 6′ in diameter out of hot glue and the fairly standard sized boxes in which our new books arrive.

2018-03-13-09-39-54 Gear

Those are just my ideas; me, Hannah. But I know you’ve got some things bouncing around in your noggin and I’m here to encourage you to explore and draw upon those ideas a little more. I think you’ll find it’s a rewarding endeavor #MakerMentality

Are You Pinterest-ed?

If you have not visited, then I encourage you to add it to your ever-extending list of login passwords. Here’s why…Pinterest.JPG

This website aggregates a lot of creative information collaboratively by letting people like you and I put links and pictures and ideas up for anyone to be inspired by and check out. I find home improvement ideas, recipes of all sorts, fitness tips, beautiful images of pretty much anything you can think of… Also, it comes highly recommended: 175 million people use Pinterest each month ( I’m not sure exactly how they get that statistic, website visits, active accounts, or what, but it’s impressive!

Here’s how I use Pinterest--I’ve got boards, which are kind of like folders, for many different subjects and I add things by “pinning” them to the “boards.” I haven’t gone back to use them much yet, but it’s a great collaborative idea-collection tool and a fun way to spend some time. Beware, exploring ideas is addictive; I suggest setting a timer! 🙂

My Pinterest.JPG


Reverse Engineering in 3D, Part 2

20180109_171146A little while back, I posted about the cabinet piece pictured that one of our volunteers had worked with me to 3D scan. The part we produced did not quite fit, but now he’s motivated to design his own piece to fit the situation using TinkerCAD. I hope to give another update once he’s finished!

If you aren’t familiar, TinkerCAD is a user-friendly, free-to-use, light 3D modeling product owned by AutoDesk (who also owns AutoCAD, a standard industry software). Check it out and let us know if you’d like help printing your design!