State of the Fancy Address


Ms. L said she had a lot of fun spending time in the Creation Station. I would say she is becoming a DIY expert of sorts on Cricut address labels. Check out the fancy lettering she made using the Cricut draw on these formal letter envelopes she brought in!



DIY Space

Sure, it’s not a lot of space right now, but there’s a lot of potential packed into this handful of tables.

20170419_110322 Creation StationWe have buttons, fabric scraps, sharpies, and other things that you may utilize on your school project or on your momentary break from the rat race.

How? Say hi to our Reference Desk staff and let them know you’d like to work on your own project at the library. 20180112_110059If you’re just stopping in, then they’ll do their best to accommodate, but if you really want to utilize the space then contact one of our makerspace staff for an orientation (currently Erica, Kayla, Linda, or I: Hannah), see for individual contact information.

Note: if you need to use anything beyond green dot tools, we need to be with you that first time and have you agree in writing that you know how and intend to be careful and mind your safety.

More coming at

Reverse Engineer in 3D, Part 1

One of our esteemed volunteers set us up with a great challenge to test our Makerbot Digitizer (3D scanner). Sometimes we have good enough results from the scanner to print a duplicate, but we’re still looking for people who’d like to spend some time researching the ins and outs of getting the best scan. 20180109_171146We tried a washable paint on this cabinet guide and that technique added a lot of definition to the scan. Anyway, we ended up importing our scan result into @TinkerCAD and modeling to match the original part. If you can’t tell the real one from the 3D printed one, then come in or call in and ask about 3D printing, or spend a moment exploring how it works @Makerbot

I’ll follow up here when we find out whether the part fit!

Fancy a Recording?

20170601_094918-e1515432726495.jpgBegin your podcast, music, public speaking, sound-mixing journey at the library! Any adventure that involves you at a microphone with Garage Band or other free sound-mixing recording software at the library.

To get started, ask library staff to hook you up with your introduction to the tools. We want to set you loose to explore and learn about recording, but we’re also glad to walk you through more detailed instruction in one-on-one sessions or recorded lessons available online. 20170601_095219.jpg


New Year, New Signage


Improvement is continuous, and milestones are often satisfying. This lovely vinyl “Creation Station” sign was on hand when I started my current position in 2016,  but it was not ready to be hung.  It needed grommets or some way to keep it aloft. In time for the New Year, we acquired a grommet tool and Erica and I raised the sign high; may it guide you to continue projects that were set on the back burner, so to speak. Be they simply left unfinished or be they awaiting specific circumstances, perhaps those circumstances have aligned. Maybe you can reach a milestone of your own, or at least enjoy the continuous improvement.

Join Us For The Twin Tiers Mini Maker Faire This Saturday At The Arnot Mall!

Our library will be showing off some of our cool Maker Space equipment including a green screen and photography creation space and one of our 3 D Printers — join us!

The Maker Faire will be held at the Arnot Mall, this Saturday, March 25

The Maker Faire will run from 10:00 a. m. to 3:00 p. m.

(Click on the photo for a larger view!)


A fun time will be had by all!

Linda, SSCL